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Getting things done when you have an infant January 15, 2012

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1. When I was getting up multiple times in the night to nurse, I would change laundry loads after every feeding.  Then, in themorning, all the laundry was ready to put away, or at least my husband could dig through to get what he needed.  It was well worth the extra five minutes of lost sleep every three hours.

2. When my daughter was an infant, I learned that if I would feed the baby  thirty minutes before her natural time to get up in the morning, she would sleep about until when my toddler got up.  That gave me a couple of hours of no baby time to get things of all kinds done in the morning.

3.  Use my nursing time.  My son nursed twelve hours per day and longer at times.  I found that it was a great time to catch up on phone calls and planning.  It’s also when I could do  memory work or read a book.

Let’s help out some moms who are just getting started!  What other tricks  have you learned to get things done while you had an infant?


3 Responses to “Getting things done when you have an infant”

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  2. Felicity Says:

    I’ve always been a big list person and I found that lists still help a lot even when you have an infant. I’d make a list at the beginning of the day of what needed to be done and then decided what actually could be do and when. For me if I think through what I want to get done when I have 15 minutes here or an hour there I finish things a lot faster and don’t wind up spending that time on something I don’t need to spend it on. Then by the end of the night I usually get to go to bed earlier or sit on the couch and actually enjoy a little bit of free time.

  3. Christy Says:

    Thanks Felicity! I agree, lists are great for this stage, because it’s hard to predict exactly when you’ll have blocks of time. Prioritizing rest is huge too. Attempting to finish all possible tasks before resting definitely landed me in bed more than once.

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