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How to have a clean house every day January 15, 2012

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Only clean needs to be cleaned every day.

I have found that what needs to be cleaned every day depends on where my home is, who is living in it, and personal taste. In Florida, I worried about mold. In the Middle East, I worry about dust. I became a lot more concerned about the cleanliness of the floor when I realized that’s where my children were living.

Daily chores are the things that must be done at least every forty-eight hours to keep the house comfortable and safe. If it can wait longer than that, it needs to be a weekly chore. Right now, my daily chores include clutter control, cooking, washing dishes, wiping down the table and counters, watering the plants, dusting, sweeping. I also check the sinks, toilets and toilet paper supplies.

Daily tasks are the ones most critical to my family’s well being, so they have to be the priority. Until I’m at the point of getting everything that needs to be done daily accomplished, it’s better to let the other chores slide. For the first few weeks in our new home, any energy and time not needed for daily chores went toward organizing, shopping and other wise acclimating, not toward weekly or monthly cleaning. Once I was able to comfortably complete my daily cleaning, the house felt good, even though it wasn’t thoroughly clean.

Designate specific time to clean each day.

Although I’ve read many theories about when a homemaker should schedule her daily cleaning times, my personal experience is that it depends on what else is going on in my life. At the moment, I do the bulk of my cleaning before the kids get up, then work in the kitchen after lunch and before bed. I’ve done everything in the opposite order too, and that worked at the time.

I learned a few good tricks to find extra time when my children were infants. Now that they’re toddlers, I purposely have them help a little each day, but some chores such as mopping are still more efficient when they are not playing in the bucket!

Starting the machines first helps me use my time more efficiently, because I can go back switch clothes to the dryer or maybe put the dishes away during the same cleaning session. I’ve found it helpful to rank daily chores by importance. The most important things should be done first, because some days I won’t get to the bottom of the list.

When do you clean each day?  What do you do first?  Why?


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