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My Basic Laundry Routine: Sorting April 16, 2012

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Wherin as much as others have written much on the details of tending laundry, I thought it necessary to write an overview of my laundry routine as well.

First Step: Sort the laundry!

My current method

I have an in home washer and dryer, and my weekly chores are usually spread out through out the week. 

Who:  Whoever wears the clothes sorts them.  Even my two-year-old can take her clothes to the laundry room.

What:  Three to five narrow hampers.  Currently my categories are cold wash, hot wash (for towels), and warm wash( for clothes).  You may want to separate by colors, or keep the baby’s clothes separate. I also have a water tight bin that can be used for soaking.  These baskets came from Ikea.

When:  As soon as the clothes are taken off.

Where:   In this home, the laundry room is located in the middle of the house, between the bath and the bedrooms, so it’s easy for the family to duck in and drop of dirty clothes on the way from the shower. When I had a home with extra space in the hallway between the bedrooms and main bath, that was where the sorting station was located.  When one hamper was full, I simply grabbed it and took it to the garage, where our washer and dryer were located.

Why:  I know which loads of laundry need to be done at a glance.  When the hamper is full, that designates one load of laundry. No wasting time to sort.

When I was single

I only did laundry every two weeks using this method.

Who: The laundress.

What:  A sturdy bag with a comfortable handle, and multiple washing machines.

When: On laundry day.

Where: At the laundry facility.

Why:   The main concern was to get the clothes easily to and from the laundry.

What tricks have you learned for efficiently sorting laundry?


2 Responses to “My Basic Laundry Routine: Sorting”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Wow I didn’t realise there was so much to laundry! My last load I did I managed to “wash” a baby board book… I think I may have to re-evalute my laundry methods!

  2. Christy Says:

    I never realized how much there was to being a full time home maker! I don’t know that my methods preclude washing board books, unfortunately. I find some interesting things in the bottom of the washer.

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