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How to Keep a House Clean January 2, 2012

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There’s nothing worse than working hard all day and feeling that you have nothing to show for it at the end.  That’s how I felt when I looked around the house in the weeks after my son was born, and the problems only intensified as he grew and became mobile.  I received many assurances that someday he would be gone and then I’d miss the mess.   Ok, so maybe living in dirty home will sound attractive some day.    I still think I’ll feel guilty if that’s how my kids think it should be, and I know I felt guilty when their little hands got dirty from crawling across the floor I hadn’t cleaned for weeks.   One book I read stated that all mothers of new babies should have a maid.  It’s a lovely thought, isn’t it?  Thankfully, I had some friends who handed me books and URL’s and said, “You don’t have to do exactly what she says, but it might help some.”   Today, my son is still here, playing with his Duplos, and the floor is clean too.

The secret is developing and following a basic routine based on your living situation. Developing a routine is a task that has to be redone any time your life significantly changes. This is the method I used when we changed realities six months ago by moving from the rural US to the urban mide-East.  I think it’s a method that would work for any one.

Make a master plan.  Get comfortable daily routines.  Get comfortable with weekly routines.  Get comfortable with monthly routines.  Tweak as needed.

I’ve realized that, it’s more important that you work consistently than that you get the whole house looking good the first week. If you really are starting at the beginning, not just moving, or improving an already in place system, I would recommend that you start with the one room that bothers you most.  Add one room at time as you get the hang of maintaining the one.

What’s most important to make a routine workable for you?